How to prepare your pets for air travel

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Preparing your pets for air travel is just as essential as planning your own journey. As a pet owner, It’s important to make sure that your pet is comfortable, secure and safe during the entire air travel process.

Before booking your flight, you should check with the airline to know their specific requirements for pet travel. Some airlines allow pets to travel in the cabin if they fulfill specific size and weight limits, while others only permit pets to travel in the cargo hold.

Here are some tips to help you prepare your pets for air travel:

1. Arrange a Visit to The Vet

Before traveling, you should arrange a visit to the veterinarian to get your pet a full checkup. This step is essential to make sure that your pet is healthy enough to travel without any complications. The vet will ensure that your pet is up to date on their vaccinations, including rabies and other necessary vaccines, and give you a clean bill of health certificate required by airlines.

2. Invest In an Appropriate Carrier

An essential component of pet air travel is an appropriate pet carrier that fits the size of your pet. It’s necessary to choose a carrier that meets airline regulations and provides enough space for your pet to stand up, turn around and lie down comfortably. You should also add bedding with your pet’s scent to help them stay calm.

3. Introduce Your Pet to The Carrier

Allow your pet to get familiar with the carrier before the travel day. Place familiar objects inside the crate like toys or blankets to make it more inviting. Start with leaving the crate at home and see if your pet goes inside on their own without any coaxing. You can then gradually increase the duration of time they spend in the carrier.

4. Give Your Pet Mental Stimulation Before Travel

It’s essential to keep your pet mentally stimulated before traveling. This step can help make the journey less stressful for them. A good way to keep your pet mentally stimulated could be taking them on long walks, playing with their favorite toys or even doing obedience training with them.

5. Pack Essential Supplies

Always have a bag of essentials for your pet during air travel. These supplies include food, treats, water, and medications – if your pet needs any. Remember to carry everything that your pet will need throughout the trip, including the hotel stay if it’s a long flight.

6. Inform Airline about Your Pet

It’s crucial to inform the airline that you’ll be traveling with a pet. This step will ensure that there is space for your pet on the flight, and the airline can make necessary arrangements to accommodate you and your furry friend.

In conclusion, preparing your pets for air travel requires planning, preparation, and patience. With these tips, you can make sure that your pets travel with the utmost comfort and safety. Once they are ready to go, sit back and relax knowing that your pets are traveling with you with ease.

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