The difference between BB and CC creams

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If you are a skincare enthusiast, you probably have come across the terms BB and CC creams. These terms have become so popular that almost all cosmetic brands that offer some kind of complexion coverage have them. However, some users do not understand the differences between BB and CC creams. This article will explain the variations between BB and CC creams and what to expect from each one of them.

BB Creams

BB creams are short for Beauty Balms. Their formulation is influenced by Korean beauty brands which have been doing business with this nomenclature since the 1950s. However, they were first introduced to the Western market in 2011. BB creams have a multi-purpose formulation meant to offer several skincare benefits in a single product. They also have some pigment that evens out the skin tone, offering some mild coverage. BB creams also contain antioxidants that offer skin protection, hydrating agents, and sunscreen agents. Depending on the brand, BB creams may have different formulations to suit different skin types. They are best for people with minimal imperfections or younger skin that requires mild coverage.

CC Creams

CC cream is short for Color Correcting, and it has become trendy in recent years. Although they have a similar function to BB creams, CC creams have some additional features. CC creams provide more coverage than BB creams, primarily aimed at people with skin discolouration, ranging from hyperpigmentation, acne scars or age spots. They contain light-diffusing particles as well as specific pigments that offer better colour correction than BB creams. They also contain Vitamin C, which evens out skin texture and reduces redness. They also have some anti-ageing compounds that offer skin protection and even skin tone. CC creams have a lighter texture than BB creams, making them best for people with oily or combination skin types.

The Bottom Line

Both BB creams and CC creams offer great benefits to the skin. The difference is in their formulation and who should use them. BB creams offer mild coverage and are suitable for users who do not have a lot of skin imperfections. CC creams offer better colour correction and medium coverage, making them ideal for people with uneven skin pigmentation, scars or redness. When choosing between BB and CC cream, ensure you understand what your skin needs are. Both creams may have varying formulations, so it is worthwhile checking that the specific product you choose matches your skin type.

If you have combination or oily skin, you may find that CC creams are more suitable. But if you have dry skin, BB creams may provide more hydration. Therefore, a critical step when choosing between BB and CC cream is to ensure you know your skin type and needs. Both creams can be used in place of your regular daily moisturizer for a quick and efficient skincare routine. Lastly, it would be best to check that the product you choose has the right amount of SPF factor to protect your skin against harmful UV rays.

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